blog Jul 01, 2019

It was an amazing week in Marrakech, 7 nights with a diverse and beautiful group of women peeling back the layers, shedding skin and coming home to the innate essence and individuality of self.

Over the years my personal journey has called me to make a stand for aspects of myself that have challenged me deeply and yet they kept knocking until I couldn’t deny them without suffering.

At times it’s created upheaval and chaos and yet I truly believe that everything about me and you has a place in the world.  That our nature may not make rational sense to us or the conventional world but it is an exquisite force and source of creative energy that is leading us somewhere beyond the smallness of our minds.

Knowing that there is truly no way you have to be in life gives such freedom to create a world that resonates with your deepest desires and truth.

Mankind loves to tell us how to be, what’s acceptable to express, reveal and create.  We are a society that squashes individual magic in favor of sleepwalking through status quo.

And yet life is sublimely beautiful when we are awake and sovereign, our doubts and fears become messengers rather than dictators, our hearts open to reveal ever more brilliance and joy.

A woman shining is a woman who is receiving.  Receiving the wilds of her own nature, receiving its curious and playful expression, receiving her own wisdom.

It takes courage and willingness to receive who we truly are, to burst our own barriers, to stretch and lean into the unknown and unfamiliar.  That’s what I’m here in service to, taking people back to their own magic, what always was but has been forgotten.  Plugging you back into the matrix.  It really is in you and if you’re curious to go deeper come find me, I’ll be out there somewhere in the wilds.

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