blog Jan 06, 2020

Who’s got a problem? 

What if your problem wasn’t a problem?

What if your problems were just designed to keep your mind occupied in a small, consistent bubble of existence?

Let me ask you ~ If you didn’t have your current problems what would you be focused on?

Where would your energy seek to flow, what would it create?

I guarantee it would take you beyond what you currently think is possible.

You see, the rational mind sees problems, whereas the creative mind sees possibility and a natural, abundant evolution into life.

Let me take you deeper.... 

Our rational (egoic) mind is problem driven, it’s dedicated to consistently identifying problems and working out ‘how’ to fix them. It operates under the assumption that you’re not whole and that there’s something about you and / or life that needs fixing before you can have your heart and be fully in the world.

The fascinating thing is that this...

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blog Jan 06, 2020

Do you ever notice how much bullshit gets talked?

Talking and gossiping about other people, what they said and did is called collluding.

Whatever way you cut it, it’s a disempowering way of you bolstering your world view by enrolling others and getting them to give you energy and confirming that you and they are right / good / justified in your opinions and positioning.

Whether your standpoint is one of being a victim or a stand of arrogance or righteousness it’s all the same to your subconscious - reaffirming the inner belief that the power is not in you to create what you want and love.

Taking Self responsibility for what you’re creating and experiencing in your life isn’t hard, it’s just humble and real.

Forget about what ‘they’ said or did, bring it back to yourself. What did you do? What were you playing out? What did you ignore that you already knew?

So it didn’t go how you wanted - own it. Take the dispersive energy back and...

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blog Dec 01, 2019

I held a great webinar for my clients today on ‘Synergy of the Heart’.

Everything you truly love exists on the same vibration, which means that it supports and compliments everything else on that vibration.

In our humanness we tend to fall into assuming that the things that matter most to us are mutually exclusive, for example, I can have freedom but not a great relationship, or I can have success but my authentic expression is compromised.  Whatever your version is – we act as if that’s true through our actions and behaviors and limit our capacity to fully receive what we love and the bounty of life.

You’re only real job as the creator of your life is to know what you truly love and dedicate yourself to having that in its entirety.  Life supports us in magical ways when you do.  Stay open, life is beautiful.

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blog Nov 16, 2019

If someone offered you your hearts deepest desire would you take it?

Suspicious already? Most of us are when it comes to receiving.

It sounds so easy, to be gifted something, all you have to do is take it and yet many of us find it heart breakingly hard. In fact, most of us would refuse to accept under pretext.

We cause ourselves a lot of suffering in our inability to receive from life, from others and mostly to receive our own natures and our own knowing. Our assumptions often fall into the category that things won’t work out for us. That somehow we’ll lose.

But let’s face it, we can’t do life on our own and we can’t do love on our own.

We live in an interactive universe. Our survival (and our sur-thrival) depends on our ability to allow life to flow through us. Life having more ease means receiving - yes, there is action to take but receiving is at least 50% of the game.

What’s your balance like? What’s your personal limit on receiving?


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blog Nov 02, 2019

If you want to know one of the most powerful transformational tools then look at how you are defining yourself in any given situation.
What happened, the circumstances, what they did or said will not determine the ultimate outcome.

What WILL determine the outcome is the way YOU have defined yourself and your subsequent actions and behaviors.

For example, if you’re defining yourself as a victim, unlovable, not enough and acting accordingly that is what you will perpetuate.

If you want to be a conscious and powerful creator in your life take the time to inquire into your low-level definitions and stop acting as if they are true.

Vulnerability and responsibility for our own humanness set us free.  Redefining yourself as a powerful person, a Queen, a creator will give you new eyes, an open heart, and space for a higher life to emerge.

People think karma is sent from the universe……actually, you sent it to yourself.

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blog Oct 01, 2019

Creativity is endless and you my loves, are endlessly creative.

We’re made of pure creative spirit and like light we are constantly unfolding out of ourselves.  We are creating all the time, either directing ourselves consciously in line with our passions and truth or being driven by default of our beliefs and sense of limitations.

Can you recognize that your life so far is the sum of the big and small choices you’ve made and the level of creative possibility you’ve allowed yourself to apply?

And so, if you opened yourself up to the pure creative spirit that’s inside of you and dared to be the conscious orchestrate of your life, what would seek to unfold out of you?

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blog Sep 01, 2019

A place to soften, we all need them.  Somewhere that allows us to soften the mind, soften the body and soften our hearts.  This is one of mine.

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blog Aug 01, 2019

I don’t know about you but I was born naked.

From early on we are told to cover ourselves.  Cover our bodies, mask our voice, quiet our own wisdom.

Sooner or later, for love or hardship, we conform with the way we’re told to be by those who’ve come before.  Are you happy with what you’ve conformed to in your life and relationships?

Does the life you’re living bring you joy and fulfillment? When was the last time you were fully naked? Naked in nature.  Nakedness of body.  Nakedness of heart, thoughts and emotions?

When we grow up we don’t become exempt from our vulnerabilities, we just become shut down.  Closed.  Separate.

When was the last time you were naked in front of somebody and openly let them drink you in with their eyes without shying away because of some conflicting inner dialogue?

When was the last time you texted somebody something that you know you should of said with your voice?

When was the last time you turned...

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blog Jul 01, 2019

It was an amazing week in Marrakech, 7 nights with a diverse and beautiful group of women peeling back the layers, shedding skin and coming home to the innate essence and individuality of self.

Over the years my personal journey has called me to make a stand for aspects of myself that have challenged me deeply and yet they kept knocking until I couldn’t deny them without suffering.

At times it’s created upheaval and chaos and yet I truly believe that everything about me and you has a place in the world.  That our nature may not make rational sense to us or the conventional world but it is an exquisite force and source of creative energy that is leading us somewhere beyond the smallness of our minds.

Knowing that there is truly no way you have to be in life gives such freedom to create a world that resonates with your deepest desires and truth.

Mankind loves to tell us how to be, what’s acceptable to express, reveal and create.  We are a society that...
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blog Jun 01, 2019

I freaking love peoples kinks and quirks.
We’re all in this life together and when I see your hidden facets it only makes my heart swell.
Yeah, I’m talking to you.

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