"I've taken so so much from the Consicousness Cleanse and the best part is that I understand my whole lifes journey so much clearer now. Thank you Christian Whitecloud for guiding me back to my soul." Margaret UK
Welcome! I designed the Consciousness Cleanse to awaken women to their highest creative frequency. 


In case no one told you lately....YOU ARE MAGIC!
So Lady, are you ready to shake shizz up?
To get out of your own way and step into the powerful Creatrix you truly are?
Join me each day of the challenge for a 90 minute live webinar where we'll be diving into 1 of 6 core themes that cut to the heart of your power as a woman.
You'll gain profound awareness of how your focus is creating the life you're living RIGHT NOW and receive the tools to TRANSFORM and PROSPER!

The 6 day



covers ~


 Each day:

  • A 90 minute live webinar with Christian.
  • A new alchemical principle to give you the tools to create lasting transformation. 
  • Deep insight into the themes listed below and how they relate to you personally in your life now.
  • An experiential exercise to support developing your intuition and integrating its wisdom.
  • The Consciousness Cleanse Workbook PDF with extra prompts for taking you deeper.
  • Hanging out with other bomb ass women ~ yourself included. 🔥
The Instinctive Woman ~ Knowing Your Own Nature as the foundation for being a powerful woman in the world.
Health & Body Love ~ Discover the power of having a conscious relationship with your body and what's holding you back from getting there.
True Purpose & Making Money Honey ~ how do you unconsciously hold your value and receive abundance in the world? 
Communication ~ What are you really saying? Learn your sabotaging communication style and the simple approach to getting more of what you want.
Relationship ~ Holding Your Own Centre. Become aware of your own codependent tendencies and experience the power of maintaining sovereignty for you and your loved ones.
Emotions ~ Mastering Your Inner World. Your emotions hold a world of wisdom, learn how to work with them as a powerful transformational tool.
Yes! I'm in for the Consciousness Cleanse Challenge for $29 🌹
PLUS for the first time I'm offering a special BONUS day
on Sexuality and Feeding Your Feminine Fire on March 12
Your sexual energy is a highly creative force that can serve you creating in the most powerful ways....or drain you when used dysfunctionally. Let's explore and get you online with this amazing BONUS day! 

PLUS If you're trained in Superconscious you qualify to join the VIP program!

  • Join the VIP program and take part in the group intuitive readings covering each theme.
  • Meet for an extra 90 minutes each day, directly after the live webinar.
  • 3 hours total time spent together each day.
  • Practice different intuitive techniques.
  • Generate deeper bonds in community and be served by women who support you in shining! 
  • VIP also gives you lifetime membership to come back for free anytime the Consciousness Cleanse is held.
YES! Sign me up for VIP for $97 🌹

What women say:

"Your work is clear, concise and deep, an incredible roadmap to be taken at whatever your current state of consciousness, and go further." Melissa USA


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was exceptional! Better than any self development book I have read." Belle USA 


"This is the best program you can ever join, if you have a calling and a desire to make something out of life, this course will give you the answers you need in the right time, form and space. It's an incredible and bloody juicy ride!" Bianca UK


I'll be your guide through the Consciousness Cleanse Challenge.

I've spent 30 years learning and integrating these incredible alchemic principles and ancient wisdoms. An eternal student in the mysteries and joys of working with Magic, it's my deep desire that you know yourself to be the powerful Creatrix you truly are and light up your life actualizing your visions and dreams and all the profound beauty you came here to create.🌹👑 Lets do it!

Here's the finer details:


Dates & times for daily live 90 minute webinar:

3 ~ 8 March 2024  LA 11am | UK  7pm

4 ~ 9 March SYD 6am


Times for VIP 90 minute Intuition Meetup:  

LA 12:30pm | UK 8:30pm | SYD 7:30am


Bonus Sexuality  ~ Feeding Your Feminine Fire Webinar: 

12 March 2024 LA 11am | UK 7pm | 13 March SYD 6am


Bonus VIP 90 minute Intuition Meetup:

LA 12:30pm | UK 8:30pm | SYD 7:30am

YES! I'm in for the Consciousness Cleanse Challenge for $29 🌹
YES! I'm in for the VIP experience for $97 🌹
“Christian has an incredible gift.  I feel she speaks directly from her heart to mine and I have felt very supported while working with her.  Her incredible clarity and wisdom has enabled me to unlock parts of my power and creative ability that I had not yet accessed, despite many years in personal development work.  If you’re a woman who wants to access your innate power and create what you love, I highly recommend you reach out to Christian.” Louise AUS

I can't wait to see you there

In service to your highest with love and magic 👑

Christian Whitecloud