Christian Whitecloud

Passion. Power. Purpose.

“A woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”  

Diane Marichild

Just as a wild animal doesn’t compromise on their nature, neither should we.  

If you watch the majestic beauty of a wild animal embodying its instinctive nature it is wholly captivating, connected and alive. The same can be said of a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.  

A woman’s natural state is of receptivity, we are highly intuitive, connected and born leaders. Yet through the ages of female suppression and the weight of our individual conditioning and daily pressures we end up resisting much of our inherent connectivity and creative power. We go to sleep to the magic that is inside of us. We find ourselves approaching life in a robotic, draining and compromised way.

When you come home to receiving all that you are and claim the unique elements of your feminine genius you can begin to move through life with power, passion and purpose. Shining and uncompromised.

Using high level creative principles and advanced intuitive techniques, I’ll show you the depth of the enigmatic woman and creative force you truly are and empower you to create a higher life that resonates with that force of nature.

Realize your finest work of art ~ YOU ~ your passions developed, your gifts expressed, love received ~ your life ~ your way.

Life should be effortless, there is nothing about you that doesn’t have a place in the world.

Let me show you.

"Now because of your work, I am able to take my knowledge of myself from my dysfunctional side and apply it to my Instinctive Woman … who has been a huge revelation to me. "



Become The Empowered And Awakened Woman You've Always Wanted To Be

The Consciousness Cleanse

I invite you to join me for my 6 week online course to create clarity, direction and personal power through 6 core themes for women.

  • The Instinctive Woman - Know Your Nature

  • Health - Body Love and Wellbeing

  • Finances - Making Money Honey

  • Communication - What Are You Really Saying?

  • Relationships - Holding Your Own Center

  • Emotions - Mastering Your Inner World

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The Instinctive Woman

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