About me 

I grew up in the Australian bush, if I wasn’t in the bush I was at the beach and if I wasn’t at the beach I was floating down rivers, making fires and swimming in dams. Occasionally I was at the roller skating rink.

I was a shy girl with a fruit phobia who refused to perform. Team that with a penchant for being smutty and a secret curiosity for sexuality which I compensated for by dramatically closing my eyes when people kissed on the television. I had a lot going on ~ internally at least.

I always felt outside the box, subconsciously aware of how shallow and dull conventional life seemed but no idea of an alternative, or any clue that there even was one.

At 16 I left home for the big city to try my hand at adulting ~ and had some miserable failures.

It was a few years later when I happened upon an intuition workshop that life really opened her arms, gifting me love, family and inviting me into the deeper worlds of alchemy and higher consciousness.

I had arrived home.

I spent the majority of my twenties and early thirties being a mum while immersed in 'the work' ~ a deep self exploration into the intricacies of Consciousness and applying the laws and tools of Alchemy.

My mid thirties brought a surge of power and call for evolution ~ the wild fullness in me wanted out. To ignore her was to suffer (have you noticed that?).

So began a major transition and transformation into claiming the well of my own power and creating my life to reflect the fullness and range of who I truly am. 

Over the years my journey into alchemy and magic has taken me around the world, serving thousands of women in shining their unique magic through transformational programs and retreats.

My personal journey into magic has woven into the more abstract worlds of art and painting, amazing adventures into the wilds of Africa and beyond, sensual partner dances and dancing in amazing cities from Rio De Jainero to Paris, owner building beautiful homes and a range of sexuality from cosmic to kink and the deepest intimacy imaginable. Saying YES to myself  led me to a treasure chest with jewels of power, true freedom and embodiment of what it is to be wholly me ~ naturally. 

Through my exploration and dedication to following the whispers of my own heart and living the Creative Orientation, I've come to know the truth that if it exists in your heart there is a place for it in the world. That deeper daring brings greater reward than we can possibly imagine.

It's my passion and also my purpose to serve women in shining their magic and to know themselves as a powerful Creatrix this lifetime.