Let the Mystic Salon transform your life

I’ve designed the Mystic Salon for women who are transitioning into their next evolution and ready to create a life they truly love. Combining elements of 1-1 sessions and group dynamics that hold you throughout each month so you feel supported and empowered to take inspired action towards your highest life.

BEGIN THE MYSTIC SALON with 2 private sessions, firstly, a 60 minute Land Of Plenty visioning session to get crystal clear on your vision for your next evolution. 

Secondly, a 60 minute private session to refine your vision into 9 clear and resonant end results that become the foundation of your focus and direction throughout the Mystic Salon.


Have 2 in depth 1~1 private session to set you up for a highly creative and magical month. Peel back any unconscious resistance and gain clarity and inspired action from your Superconscious moving forward.

WEEK 2: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month  (Wednesday in AUS) join a 90 minute themed webinar and learn new creative principles and insights to take your creative mastery to new heights and generate ease and flow. Including an experiential exercise for your personal integration.

WEEK 4: Every 4TH Tuesday of the month (Wednesday in AUS) join a 60 minute monthly Q&A circle for reviewing your creative process. Receive deeper learning through shared experience and supportive community.

EACH MONTH THERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY  to give and receive an intuitive reading with another Mystic Salon member based on our monthly themed webinar. Practice developing your intuition and create conscious connections with other women on the rise.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY private Facebook group for staying connected in a community that supports you in your wholeness.

"Words won’t do justice to the incredible ride I’ve been on with Christian and the Mystic Salon. An incredible intuitive mentor and a global community of women - have given me an anchor into alchemy, the creative process and a beautiful foundation to bloom and create!

 From the light whisper of intuition- Christian helped me to shine my light and create a beautiful heart led business. The power of this coaching and community is that all of your success comes from building foundations in your true nature and purpose!
To quote from my own personal journal ‘I have created a connection to the essence of myself and the ability to connect back to my true self and soul. I’ve created a life that is unfolding from true, heart led intentions."

Having a container that consistently brings you back to your Superconscious power to create the life of your choosing allows you to rest in your evolution as you move towards your new life. 

Come to know yourself as a powerful Creatrix who can wield her own magic and have true freedom while making incredible contributions to the world and those you love.

"Since working with Christian, my whole life has changed. With her help I've found my heart's true desires and learnt the magic of manifesting them. She's one of nature's true Intuitive's. I truly recommend her." 


Here's what you get:

  • 2 personal visioning sessions with Christian on joining the Mystic Salon.
  • Monthly 90 minute themed webinar teaching creative principles and insights, including an experiential exercise for integration.
  • Monthly 60 minute Q&A circle.
  • ​2 monthly 60 minute 1~1 private session with Christian.
  • Monthly themed intuitive partner reading ~ giving and receiving (optional)
  • Private FB community group
  • ​Access to the Mystic Salon webinar archives.
  • Complimentary access to any other workshops held within the 12 months. (retreats excluded)
  • ​Total of 24 1~1 private sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mystic Salon can be joined at anytime throughout the year ~ space pending.

While it's of greatest benefit to you to make the calls live, if that's not always possible, all the webinars are recorded and available for you to watch at your leisure.

Fabulous! You're in the perfect place to learn, create and be supported on your journey. The Mystic Salon is open to women from all walks, at all levels ~ you'll be perfectly at home amongst this very supportive and big hearted community.
Fabulous! You're in the best of hands with my 27 years experience in applying creative principles and taking women deeper and flying higher than ever before. Get ready for takeoff!

That is an option! I'm very happy to connect with you over a 15 minute call and see if the Mystic Salon is right for you.  You can book a time at the link below.

“I created 2 x 6 figure incomes and high profile clients and that's just the start. Being true to myself and not settling, that's been huge for me.”  Angela


“I finally feel at home with myself which is the most wonderful thing ever. My relationship has blossomed and is going from strength to strength.” Caroline


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