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"Since working with Christian, my whole life has changed. With her help I've found my heart's true desires and learnt the magic of manifesting them.  She's one of nature's true Intuitive's.  I truly recommend her." Heidi UK
"Christian’s insight into my soul and psyche was deeply transformative from the moment I began speaking with her. She saw to the root of my resistance and blockages within 15 minutes. 20 yrs of talk therapy did not do what Christian did in one session. You have been blessed if she has crossed your path." Lynn USA
"This is the best program you can ever join. If you have a calling and a desire to make something more out of life, this course will give you the answers you need in the right time, form and space.  It's a bloody incredible and juicy ride." Bianca UK
 “This is powerful stuff, and I’m so grateful for your support and generosity in this process Christian.” Belinda USA
"Thank you, Christian. Your work is clear, concise and deep; an incredible map to be taken at whatever level your current state of consciousness is, and go further." Melissa USA
 “I’ve been searching for exactly this level of intuition, wisdom, support and softness for a very long time. You’re doing a wonderful service”. Cassie USA
"It's such a worthy investment working with Christian, she knows her stuff and is compassionate and knowledgable and her intuitive guidance is always so on point.  I don't say this lightly, she really does get to the core of who you are and hold you accountable." Maree USA
"Love your work.  Unfathomable gratitude for this gift you're unleashing upon us." Alexandra UK
 "This deep work is enabling me to heal, reflect and begin honoring receptivity and trust." Rachel AUSTRALIA  
“Now because of your work, I am able to take my knowledge of myself from my dysfunctional side and apply it to my Instinctive Woman … who has been a huge revelation to me.” Nadine AUSTRALIA
"I've been to many healers over the years and Christian is the real deal.  I had to remind myself that she hasn't in fact read every single article I'd ever written but was actually reading me like a book.  From specific metaphors to visual references she saw right into my heart and shadowy depths.  After the session, I knew I had shifted because when faced with a reoccurring harmful situation, I behaved differently.  I was able to step into my true nature she had reflected so clearly to me. Illuminating, heart centered and transformative."  Lauren USA
“I’ve experienced Christian’s intuitive abilities, speaking truth and holding space on retreats, webinars & workshops and knew she was powerful and able to dive deep … one on one was in a different league … we went deep deep into a dynamic and unconscious behavior that has caused me so much pain in life and resulted in me withdrawing from the world … the space was held sacredly for painful and freeing truth to be spoken and received. I’m an intensely private person but I’m being called to share this in support of other women.” Margie UK

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