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YES! I want to be a lifetime VIP for $97
“I've taken so so much from The Consciousness Cleanse ..... the best part is, that I understand myself and my whole life's journey so much clearer now. Thank you Christian Whitecloud for guiding me back to my soul.” Margaret UK
Welcome! I designed the Consciousness Cleanse to awaken women to deeper levels of their innate creativity and consciousness.
To clearly demonstrate how your focus creates your reality and teach you creative principles that support you in the fulfillment of your true power, passion and purpose.
Using this new awareness we look at 6 core themes that relate directly to your power as a woman.
🌷The Instinctive Woman ~ Knowing Your Own Nature
🌷Health ~ Body Love & Wellbeing
🌷True Purpose ~ Making Money Honey
🌷Communication ~ What Are You Really Saying?
🌷Relationship ~ Holding Your Own Center
🌷Emotions ~ Mastering Your Inner World
 "Your work is clear, concise and deep; an incredible map to be taken at whatever level your current state of consciousness is, and go further. ” Melissa USA
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was exceptional. Better than any self development book I have read." Belle USA

"This is the best program you can ever join. If you have a calling and a desire to make something more out of life, this course will give you the answers you need in the right time, form and space.  It's a bloody incredible and juicy ride." Bianca UK

'Now is the time to be living from the inside out' ✨


YES! I want to be a lifetime VIP for $97
Yes! I want to join the waitlist! ✨


Each week includes:
💎 Course content consisting of a weekly themed video and an experiential intuitive exercise ( approx an hour of your own time before the weekly webinar).
💎The Consciousness Cleanse Workbook PDF with extra goodies for taking you deeper.
💎Short daily practice.
💎 A 60 min live Zoom meet up for an overview, Q&A and the richness of women in empowering community  ~ 2 time zones, Australia & UK.
 💎 Private FB Community Group for support and connection.




💎 The Consciousness Cleanse to own and access anytime ~ as well as join any group program in the future absolutely free.
💎Throughout the program join me for weekly intuitive readings (giving and receiving) on each theme with other VIP community members,  practice using different intuitive techniques with demonstrations included (extra 90 mins each week concluding the overview / Q&A webinar) 
💎 2 pre recorded intuition webinars for understanding the foundations of accessing and using your intuition from my recent Ignite Your Intuition Challenge ~ including an innocence meditation.



💎 Shed light on your unconscious drives and agendas that are causing you suffering.

💎Create the shift to reconnect with the heart of you and what truly matters to create in your life. 

💎 Learn about aspects of consciousness and the way your focus creates your reality.
💎 Gain clear clarity on your next steps.
💎 Implement alchemic principles that support you in transforming your life.  
💎 Finally let go of what no longer serves you.
💎 Learn to connect with and follow your intuition at an advanced level.
💎 Have a deeper understanding of your life and know yourself as a powerful being.
💎 Invite more ease, joy and pleasure into your life by being more authentically you.
💎 Hang out with bomb ass women ~ yourself included. 😉

'Come join me for a transformational journey like no other into your inner and outer world.' 


YES! I want to be a lifetime VIP for $97
Yes! I want to join the waitlist! ✨


In service to your highest , with love & magic 🔮
Christian Whitecloud