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See the unseen.

Spend an hour with me and gain deep insight into the driving forces in your consciousness and the dual aspects of your nature that found both your power and your pain.

Get clear, useable information that will support your next up leveling and transformation.

Uncover the unconscious dynamics that are playing out and draining your energy and resources in life and connect with the true power of your potential.

Whether you’re disheartened by your circumstances or totally rocking, the great news is there’s more. Available in person or over Zoom. 

"Christian's insight into my soul and psyche was deeply transformative from the moment I began speaking with her.  She saw to the root of my blockages within 15 minutes.  20 years of talk therapy didn't do what Christian did in one session. You have been blessed if she crosses your path." Lynne USA

A 1~1 Deep Dive Session is US$500. They are recorded and depending on where the session takes us last between 60 ~ 80 minutes.

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