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SEPTEMBER 20 – 26 2020

Come join me for a 6 night retreat in the award winning wild beauty of Onar, a secluded wilderness of ancient forest & crystal clear seas on the Greek Island of Andros.

What you can expect:

*A profound & enlightening journey of self exploration.

*Shedding your old skin – releasing what’s out grown and no longer serving you.

*Inviting in your sensual nature and experiencing how she feeds your creativity for life.

*Identifying the shadow aspects of self.

*Being turned on to new vibrancy and juiciness of your passion, power & purpose.

*Deep insight & connectivity through mastering your intuitive skills including:

  • 3 dimensional land readings.
  • Chakra readings (on others)
  • Chakra readings (on self)
  • 1 in light exercise

*Time for rest, rejuvenation & play.

Cost: £2100 all inclusive of delicious organic food, twin share accommodation & transfers from Athens. EARLY BIRD £1900 available until April 30.

Feeling the call?  Schedule a FREE intuitive session with me to discover what you're currently playing out in life and the gold that's waiting for you. 



JUNE 6 ~ 13 MARRAKECH 2020

Imagine 7 nights immersed in the intoxicating beauty of Marrakech with the perfect nourishing space to drop deeply into the feminine magic and creative light that is YOU.

This June Woman's retreat offers you a home coming ~ back to the most magical and authentic essence of the woman you are. It combines deep inner work, indulgent self care and igniting all of your pleasure senses in the magic of Marrakech.

Be at home at Peacock Pavilions, the handmade, artisinal boutique hotel nestled in a private olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakech. Voted by Forbes as one of the top 8 chic hotels of the world, consisting of 3 pavilions and outdoor areas it is an incredibly nourishing and restful space.

Our days will consist of workshop hours each morning or evening, delicious fresh food, time to relax and unwind by the pool or in your pavilion, adventures to explore fabulous Marrakech with its burrows of souks, indulgent hammams and lively cultural experiences.

***We are limited to 14 spaces, early bird pricing is £2760 until 1st February 2020****

Full price is £3200 all inclusive of your retreat ~ food, twin share accommodation, airport transfers and these delicious activities listed below:
*2 morning yoga sessions
*A deluxe spa and hammam visit
*A cooking class and ultimate feast at Chef Tariks organic farm
*A poolside henna party
*Movie night under the stars of Marrakech with popcorn and hot chocolate
*A day trip to Essaouira - the heritage listed seaside town

Feeling the call?  Schedule a FREE 20 minute intuitive session with me to discover what you're currently playing out in life and the gold that's waiting for you.





Join me for a 2 day experiential workshop designed to reconnect you with the magnetism of your inherent nature and knowing.

The BIGGEST pain I see in women derives from inner resistance resulting in an inability to embrace their own naturalness ~ the avoidance of the deeper Self and the part of you that KNOWS.

Under that turmoil and compromise is a powerhouse of a woman capable of having her deepest expression and the freedom of her hearts desires.

The answers you want, the life you truly seek ~ all exists inside of you. 

Come join me for a 2 day reclamation into the nature and knowing of the bomb ass woman you truly are:

Over the 2 days we will:
* Sink deeply into your instinctiveness and power as a woman of magnetic beauty and substance.
*Learn advanced intuitive techniques to access and live by your own knowing.
* Get fucking real and find incredible freedom doing so.
* Be turned on by your own delicious nature and brilliance.
*Be surrounded by women who welcome and support you in shining.

My workshops are always a safe space to be deeply real. It's through the deeper aspects of self we find the light and transformation we seek. 



1 Day Experiential Workshop

A full day immersion into the hot seat of your sexual & creative power.
There’s no doubt about it ~ todays world is driven by superficial sexuality. For women it’s a conflicting cross road of overt sexuality – demanding and yet condensed into a shallow expression which rather than empowering a woman leads her down a false path of insecurity, comparison and deep dissatisfaction.

When we turn our focus inward and combine the fire of our sexual & creative power with our true sense of purpose we rise into a powerful, juicy & vibrant woman ~ capable of creating your hearts desire & having a powerful & purposeful impact on the world.

Your sexuality above all is designed to be self serving, serving you in your ultimate pleasure & igniting you in your creative power.




1 Day Experiential Workshop

What does it take to be an awakened woman? It takes ALL OF YOU!
Not just the aspects of self that you can love and justify but the shadowy bits, the dark edges, the vulnerablilities. It’s in the suppressed and neglected elements that your next level of power and freedom lies.
There is a saying “You can only ever be wounded in relation to your greatest gifts.” When a woman claims back her wholeness she awakens a power that is truly unstoppable.
Join me for an enlightening day and experience the joy of getting gritty and real with the incredible woman that you truly are.
This is a day to be wholly free, where all of you is welcome ~ to relax your mind, drop your expectaions of self and witness the incredible woman who naturally rises to the surface.
Throughout the day you will:
*Open your consciousness to a profound new level of awareness
*Develop your intuition and your relationship with your inherent wisdom
*Gain real clarity into the depth of your unique nature versus your illusion of self
*Claim back the power you’ve denied yourself



LA GUYS ‘N’ GALS: 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏿‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽🙋🏻‍♀️

Come learn THE ART OF INTUITION in my 1 day intensive.

The true art of Intuition has been lost to our society. It's so much more than a sense, hunch or fuzzy feeling. Your Intuition is a birth rite born of your inherent connection to all things. Like any muscle or skill it can be harnessed and developed ~ with magical results. This is a highly experiential and practical day!

What you'll take away:
🔮 3 simple (but VITAL) practical steps to ensure your Intuiton is aligned with integrity.
🔮 Discovering your unique intuitive language ~ how your Intuition best talks to you.
🔮 Easier access and clearer, more profound information than ever before.
🔮 Knowing the difference between your Intuition and your perception (thoughts and feelings).
🔮 Confidence having used your Intuition to read and serve others, and vice versa.
🔮 Experiencing the great river of consciousness with which we are all connected.

When we learn to be directed by this innate power we not only place ourselves in the natural flow of life, we step outside societal and personal conditioning to claim our own inherent wisdom.
We open ourselves to the true essence and expression of our Being.
We return to wholeness and give rise to our true power.
We experience profound connection and reveal our most valuable contributions.

This will be a deep, fun and experiential day to dive under the hood of your own knowing. And yes the guys are invited too 💘 please share, invite your friends ~ let’s spread the high consciousness vibes!
Early bird $99 until March 9
Regular pass $129





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