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blog May 01, 2019
There’s more talk than ever about empowerment, living your truth and all that jazz that goes along with it.

There’s millions of modalities available and people who’ve found ‘The Way’.

I do believe that there is a genuine desire by people to awaken.  But we also want to do it being comfortable.

We expect to have that freedom without taking responsibility for ourselves.  We want to rise up from a surface level without doing the digging through our own dirt.

Think about something in your life that’s not working or stuck.  It’s easy to complain or make out like we’re a victim of circumstance or even take the opposite stance and have a push through, make it happen mentality.  But what we resist is pausing and seeing the ways that we ourselves are perpetuating the experience we’re having.

The actions you take, the projections you make, the engagement of the drama.

The truth is, if there’s an ongoing dynamic in...
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