blog Jan 06, 2020

Do you ever notice how much bullshit gets talked?

Talking and gossiping about other people, what they said and did is called collluding.

Whatever way you cut it, it’s a disempowering way of you bolstering your world view by enrolling others and getting them to give you energy and confirming that you and they are right / good / justified in your opinions and positioning.

Whether your standpoint is one of being a victim or a stand of arrogance or righteousness it’s all the same to your subconscious - reaffirming the inner belief that the power is not in you to create what you want and love.

Taking Self responsibility for what you’re creating and experiencing in your life isn’t hard, it’s just humble and real.

Forget about what ‘they’ said or did, bring it back to yourself. What did you do? What were you playing out? What did you ignore that you already knew?

So it didn’t go how you wanted - own it. Take the dispersive energy back and ask yourself what’s true for you to put energy into now?

If you let go of being petty, what’s your obvious path to power? What higher creation truly deserves your attention? I guarantee it’s not your drama.
Yeah it can sting a little, but right there, that’s fucking power 🥊⚡️👑Pic from Greece one magic day 


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