blog Nov 16, 2019

If someone offered you your hearts deepest desire would you take it?

Suspicious already? Most of us are when it comes to receiving.

It sounds so easy, to be gifted something, all you have to do is take it and yet many of us find it heart breakingly hard. In fact, most of us would refuse to accept under pretext.

We cause ourselves a lot of suffering in our inability to receive from life, from others and mostly to receive our own natures and our own knowing. Our assumptions often fall into the category that things won’t work out for us. That somehow we’ll lose.

But let’s face it, we can’t do life on our own and we can’t do love on our own.

We live in an interactive universe. Our survival (and our sur-thrival) depends on our ability to allow life to flow through us. Life having more ease means receiving - yes, there is action to take but receiving is at least 50% of the game.

What’s your balance like? What’s your personal limit on receiving?

There’s often a discrepancy between what we want and what we will actually allow ourselves to have. The heart plays big while the mind seeks to stay small. It creates internal conflict for us. We develop different unconscious strategies to avoid having what we want most. For some wishing and dreaming is safer to the closed heart than having. For others, constant striving - the unconscious game of looking like they work hard for it but never getting there. Some people will get what they want and then be so challenged in receiving it that they sabotage or abandon it before it abandons them. Some of us are just plain asleep. The ways we avoid receiving are unique and many.

So why do we have so much resistance to receiving?

To receive something that matters to you requires you to open up, to allow something or somebody in. Tangibly or energetically - It’s a state of vulnerability.

When we open our hearts to receiving we open to everything - you can’t be open to one thing and not another. Open hearted is open hearted. Closed hearted is closed hearted. So when we open our heart to what we want we also open to what’s within us that says we can’t have it - our old stories, fears and insecurities, past emotions all rise to the surface for a good ole triggering.

There isn’t a person alive who didn’t open their heart as a child to have it crushed. Many times over. In that sense equal rights is alive and well. We all belong to the wounded heart society. And yet life goes on and to be fully alive and flourish we are challenged to keep opening our heart. There is a force within us that seeks to have and express love for the sake of it - purley because it exists within us.

Receiving sounds like a passive quality but its active. It takes Will to hold ourselves open to having what we want. Which means facing our own back log of stories and pain. To have your heart we have to challenge our own perception of what’s possible for us.

To me, a powerful person isn’t a strong or forceful person, it’s someone who can know their heart, take true action and then hold themselves open to receive it. Over and over again. Even when it hurts. Even when you can’t see how it will work out. Your life should really simply be about you having your heart and that can only be received, not forced.

Truly, your resistance to feeling your own pain is the biggest thing between you and keeping on the path to receiving your heart. In this way we’re all vulnerable.

If you take a moment to think about receiving the thing that matters most to you.
While you may feel excitement or love, on a deeper inquiry you’ll also experience more confrontational emotions and the conditions you believe have to exist for you to receive ‘safely’.

Those stories, doubts and fears don’t have to be overcome to receive your heart, therein lies the vulnerability but they do have to be acknowledged and owned for what they are. Receiving and keeping an open heart requires self examination to separate the truth of what you love and the illusion you’ll project onto it that will cause you to keep your heart closed to having it.

Here’s a simple practice to keep on your heart vibe:

Think of something that you want:
1) Imagine a circle that holds your resistance / fears and visually step into that, feel it out, notice your story. Notice what’s got energy in your consciousness and how you’re projecting that onto the world as if it’s relevant and going to happen.
2) Own those projections, take responsibility and pull them back into yourself.
3) See the world as it truly is, anything beyond this moment is unwritten, in truth it’s full of pregnant possibility.
4) Imagine a second circle that holds what you’d love, step into that and be open to receiving that openly and without conditions. Notice the energy, the emotion, notice what calls you and what’s true to act on.
5) Receive that and follow through.

I truly believe that if it exists in your heart that it’s there for you to bring into life. Life wants you to be the fullest, deepest expression of who you are, it’s always working in your favor. Stay open. 🌺


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