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About Christian

I’m a grown ass Woman.

In my roles I’ve been a Wife, Mother, Lover, Daughter, Aunt, a Sister and Friend.  I’ve been the Other Woman.

In all of those roles I’ve loved and I’ve rebelled.  I’ve been a cornerstone and a pillar of strength.  I’ve been neurotic & crazed, emotional & childlike, bold & undefined, orgasmic & free and all the prismic shades in between.

I grew up in the Australian bush, if I wasn’t in the bush I was at the beach and if I wasn’t at the beach I was floating down rivers, making fires and swimming in dams. Occasionally I was at the roller skating rink.

I’m naturally intimate. I find ways to connect and go deep.  I’m a visual artist and dancer, a pleasure seeker and someone who stands for what is highest in myself and others.  I still love to spend time lost in the natural world, particularly Africa,  with its beautiful array of wild animals and beings.

I’ve been specializing in creative development, advanced intuitive practices, higher consciousness and the technology of imagination for 25 years, working with people of all ages, backgrounds and orientations.  I love that the deeper we dare to go within ourselves the higher and freer we fly.  We truly are limitless.

People fascinate me.  But most of all, I love working with women and bringing out Her essence.  I love the qualities we represent, the life that we bring, the passion we hold and the diversity of our natures and our bodies.  The fierceness of our fire and the softness and power in our vulnerability.

I’m passionate in serving women in high vibrational living.

I want you to have it all.


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